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Expert Translation Services for Global markets

As translators with +10 year-experience, we provide tailor-made, high-quality translation services for any of your documents, taking audiences and your financial resources into account.

From the specific terms of technical or legal documents to the proper use of formal and informal language, translation is full of challenges and requires knowledge, experience, as well as a thorough understanding of grammar and culture.

To meet your business demands, we collaborate with a network of experienced professionals in different areas and languages to provide the translation you need both accurately and in time.


As legal experts and certified translators, we deeply understand the legal language and systems. We have vast experience in the corporate, environmental, labor and commercial areas.

Finance & Accounting

Our financial background enable us to meet the needs of accounting firms and financial services companies.

Markets & Industrial sector

Clients from different markets and mining, oil & gas industries contact us to expand their businesses on a regular basis.


Proofreading & Editing services

As language experts, we can improve the quality and accuracy of your texts.

We can help you communicate complex information effectively to your target audience while avoiding embarrassing mistakes or unfortunate misunderstandings that can damage your reputation.


We will make sure your text has no spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

Improved Readibility and style

We will review your text as a whole to improve your writing’s clarity, consistency and overall content flow.

Accurate Terminology

We will also check if the terminology used in the document is proper to deliver your message accurately.

Years experience
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About us

A Professional Team for Bespoke Services

We are Celina and Soledad, the Duo behind TTD, translators with 10+ years of solid experience in legal and financial translation. 

In the search of a name that would reflect our professional journey and the way we work, the word “duo” came to mind. We wanted to make it clear our translation agency was founded by the two of us, but that we also work in teams of different language pairs where every project we embark on involves at least two professionals: a translator and a reviewer. Our teams of linguists have professional backgrounds in different areas and languages, and we share the same core values and professionalism, providing a service by humans for humans.

We have paired our experience in translation and technology to provide personalized translation services and bridge the gap between cultures.

If you want to know more about us or how we work, do not hesitate to contact us.



What Clients Say About Us

“We’ve been working with TTD for many years. Due to their impeccable work, I’d recommend them without any doubt.”
Dalia Kadoch
Arts & Letters
“TTD delivered a very professional service, of high quality and in time for each of the works we’ve trusted them with.100% recommended”
Trinidad Cifuentes
FZ Sports
VP of Legal
“TTD has done not only an excellent job, but has also provided a faster than required service with outstanding results, facilitating professional authorizations for off-shore businesses. I wouldn’t hesitate to request their help for future projects.”
Massimiliano A. Cervo
Energy Analyst | Hydrogen Specialist

Popular Questions

We calculate the translation cost based on several factors, such as language combination, subject matter, format, deadline requirements and any other specific needs. We recommend you send us your documents with the requirement details (languages, timing/urgency and other special instructions) to receive a quote within 24 hrs, with no obligation and free of charge.

It depends on our availability, volume to be translated, language pair, and if management and shipping of documents are required. We advise you to make your request in advance, but if not possible, we can speed up the process for urgent requests for an extra fee.

The officialization process of translations is not globally standardized, so official translations have different requirements from the competent authorities in each country. We offer certified or sworn translation services only for very specific languages and countries.

Accurate and consistent translation is a long process that requires careful reading of the source text to fully grasp its meaning in a given context while adapting to the specific needs of the customer, from a general cultural perspective to more industry-specific terminologies. The risk of trying to cut costs or get instant results with machine translation is to get a low quality translation (e.g. inappropriate literal translation being the most common) that can costs even more to fix or redo. On the other hand, as professional language translators, we know how to leverage on technology and use it as a supplement -rather than a replacement- in order to accelerate results while keeping the right balance between speed and quality.

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